Investment Trust Update | 13th July 2018

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Hello and welcome to investment trust update to meet jenny hammond in this bulletin. Former guns and roses manager seeks to hundred million on london listing on an opportunity to invest in cuban property and at first on hypnosis song funded trust offering investors the chance to profit from some of the best love music of the last fifty years by investing in musical intellectual property rights is seeking to raise two hundred million pounds on the london stock exchange. The fund was set up by mark mark, a tedious former manager of the guns and roses, iron maiden, elton john and beyonc, whilst american songwriter and producer now rogers is an advisor to the funds in other news and research from the land, cat has identified barriers to investment companies on advice of platforms. Although purchases of investment companies on advisor platforms reach nearly one billion pounds in twenty seventeen, they remain considerable obstacles to a wider adoption of the vehicles, according to the report. It says there's an inherent market bias against investment companies, takes many forms, such as the march towards vertical integration, the influence of networks on the outsource your investment decisions to dear fans that don't use investment companies in their model portfolios. The land cats analysis off the cost structures of advisor platforms reveals another considerable barrier toe wider uptake of investment companies. Finally, the report points to lingering misconceptions about investment companies among advisers as well. A sketchy knowledge britain, head of training at the sea, which commissioned the report, said the growth of platforms has done a lot to expand access to investment companies. However, this land cat reports show that barrier still remain, especially when it comes to advise the platforms, and he can find a link to the full report courtesy of the area. See below the player well, finally, aberdeen standard investments is hoping to raise one hundred million pounds for the listening of sieber investments, a cuban property investment company, unlisted guns e based company launched by dutch lawyer sebastian persia seventeen years ago, is the largest funds investing exclusively in cuba, with around one hundred thirty million pounds of assets in a portfolio of hotels on the miramar trade center at the country's capital, havana. The fund raise comes ask you, but tentative steps to open up its statement economy nearly two years after the death of fidel castro. Well, that's it for this update from or videos, visit our website, asset dot tv or followers on twitter on tv. Thanks. Watching