Investment Trust Update | 19th October 2018

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In this Investment Trust Update, Terry Smith more than doubles Smithson target to £600million, how well established are ESG principles in investment trusts and recent market turbulence causing investment companies to move from rare discounts to net asset value.


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Hello, welcome to investment trust update to meet jenny ellis in this bulletin, terry smith more than double smiths and target to six hundred million pounds on how well established principles in investment trusts, but first recent market turbulence has caused the valuations of some of the most widely owned investment companies to move to read discounts the net asset value, jim harrison, investment analyst at master advisor, said during early october's market turmoil, the share prices of dress such a city of london investment trust, afrin see investment trust merchants trust marie international trust, perpetual income and growth on temple bar investment trust became cheaper. His advice for current investors is to sit tight, wait for the stocks to rise again and in the meantime, collect dividends on actually take comfort from the fact that share prices are doing exactly what they've always done and always will. In other news, veteran manager terry smith global smaller companies investment trust launch has more than doubled its initial target. Smithson has brought in more than six hundred million pounds. This contrast sharply with mark mobius is recent launch, which fell short of its target by fifty percent, taking one hundred million. We caught up with simon elliot's, head of investment trust research at winter flood, to find out more there's been a very busy time in the investment trust sector for new fund launches. Smithson has bean big success terry smith's latest vehicle are investors of back that in large numbers, and i'm sure he'd be delighted with that as a result, in contrast, the mobius investment trust, which is especially emerging markets fund, probably struggled it's fair to say they raised one hundred million compared with their target of two hundred million and i think that's reflective of the fact that emerging markets have had a tough year this year and i think many including ourselves will feel that u hundred million is a good result, given that there are a number of existing investment trust in investing in emerging markets that trading on double digit discounts at the moment. Finally, a body and standard investments is looking to raise up to two hundred million pounds for a global sustainability trust. This month. We'll keep you in touch with the progress on staying with sustainability. How well established is this on the chief actors in investment trusts back to simon. Eliot to find out so there aren't any specific sg investment trust at the moment. That said, a number will emphasize the fact that it's growing at an important part of their investment process, particularly on the government's side. So the g of the many houses, including aberdeen, standard j p morgan and number of the larger houses, will say that it's an important aspect when they come to make their stock selection, how good our management teams looking to improve governance and often through evidence, through dividend payout ratios. Masses of that nature, well, that's it for this update. For more videos, please visit our website. Asset dot tv follows on twitter set tv. Thanks for watching him.