Investment Trust Update | 21st September 2018

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With Brexit looming and discounts widening, how is property holding up? This update looks at emerging market guru Mark Mobius setting his sights on £200m for the Mobius Investment Trust before it floats in October and why European funds have fallen out of favour while global funds’ popularity peaks.


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Hello and welcome to investment trust update to meet jenny alice in this bulletin. How have reed's been impacted by brexit on mobius is investment trust prepares to list on october first first up real estate investment trusts more than one billion pounds has been raised since late two thousand sixteen by trust focused on social housing. According to new miss securities, investors have been attracted by dividend years were around five percent on inflation protected government backed income streams, but what's the wider reits market. How is property been affected by brexit ? I caught up with you and love it, turner, director of investment companies research at noon miss the impact of brexit on property funds is it's always gonna be difficult to tell from now ? But example, around the brexit vote in twenty sixteen you did see discounts widen quite substantially, but for a short period of time and these rebounded and the property of funds in our universe and now typically trading on premiums with investors attracted to the yield available there's a slew of investment companies being lined up for launched by big name fund manager's, job bound foreign manager of the global equity one billion pound british empire securities trust is looking to raise up to two million pounds for the a v i japan opportunity trust. British empire currently has twenty percent explosion to japan. Berrien global investors, the rebrand for all mutual global investors headed by sea of richard nixon, is planning a launch. The group is targeting up to two hundred million pounds. The marine chrysalis investment company focused mainly on unquoted stocks. The manager's, richard watts and nick williamson. Original emerging markets guru mark mobius, who departed franklin templeton the start of the year, is back and looking to raise at least two hundred million pounds. The mobius investment trust, due to list on october first. Mobius along with this other founding partners, each intent to invest around five point seven million pounds of their own money in the vehicle i am a jie is looking to launch a trust with a lister diversified debt fund, according to city why the fund manager hopes to raise two hundred fifty million pounds for the am angie credit income investment trust, which will be able to hold public and private that's well, finally waters investorssentiment telling us about trends in the investment trusts. Actor back to you and to find out a good measure of sentiment in the investment trust sector is premiums on discounts to which the share price trades above or below its asset value. In this area looking equity funds, they're trading on around a five percent discount, compared to a long term average of seven and interesting. The european funds have fallen out of favor this year, moving from a three to one eight percent discount in twenty eighteen whiles global funds are popular on trading around a one percent discount is narrows. They've bean inside a decade, but really, alternatives on dh income have bean the theme on alternative asset funds trading around us value at the moment. Well, that's it for this update. For more videos, please visit our website, asset dot tv or followers on twitter on tv. Thanks for watching.