Investment Trust Update | 24th August

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In this update for August, we discuss the Allianz Technology Trust smashing its 500-million-pound milestone and what Henderson Diversified Income annual results tells us about credit markets.


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Hello and welcome to investment trust update to me, jenny alice in this bulletin tech tre smashes five hundred million pound milestone what henderson diversified income annual results tell us about credit markets, but first, what the ultimate income investment trust ? Well, a j bell has crunched the numbers and found that twenty one trust he'll six percent or more, while twelve years, seven percent or more figures from money facts. The financial research group on the times online show that a saver who put ten thousand pounds into an easy access account, earning an average rate of interest ten years ago well this year received annual interest of around fifty pounds. Someone who had instead put ten thousand pounds into british and american investment trust over the same period, with this year be receiving an annual income of one thousand and thirty seven pounds, eight years of just over ten percent. Other investment companies, such as schroeder, oriental income and henderson far east income are paying almost a cz much nick britain, head of training for the pointed towards trust revenue reserves, use of gearing and ability to invest in more liquid assets to provide healthy and growing income. For investors, he told asset tv that four investors who khun take stock market risk investment companies have been remarkably consistent dividend growers, with some raising annual dividends for as many as fifty one years in a row. In other news and a milestone for aliens technology trust as the investment companies market cap breaks the five hundred million pound mark for the very first time. This is partly due to issuance and partly due to market appreciation. The trust is managed by walter price and invests in technology companies globally. Finally, henderson diversified income trust, managed by jenna bernard and john pattillo, has published its annual results. Sharing it is beaten its benchmark of three months libel plus two percent by two point four percent. The fans asset allocation remains focused on high yield bonds, with nine percent in floating rate loans on around twenty four percent in investment grade bonds, according tto winter flood analysis. The bias to fix rape coupons on a relatively low floating rate elements reflects the manager's skepticism that we're entering a period of mark growth or inflation. Well, that's it for this update. For more videos, please visit our website asset dot tv. Or follows on twitter tv. Thanks.