Investment Trust Update | 2nd November

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In this Investment Trust Update, Smithson beats Woodford’s trust launch record, two specialist REITs looking to raise £190 million between them, and can Brexit be blamed for UK investment trusts looking cheap?


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Hello and welcome to investment trust update to meet jenny ellis in this bulletin a record fundraise for terry smith smithson uk investment trust looking cheap and to care home reads hoping to raise one hundred ninety million pounds between them. But first the global sustainability trust, a new green investment trust, has appointed aberdeen standard investments to manage its portfolio ahead of its aipo. The trust is expected to list on the london stock exchange at the end of november and is hoping to raise two hundred million pounds that launch. Other recent launches from aberdeen standard were european logistics income plc in november twenty seventeen as well a ceo be limited in october this year. Another high profile launch, the smiths and investment trust, has raised eight hundred twenty two point five million pounds, placing it top of the list of the biggest uk investment company launches. Is this the largest u k investment company ? Launch was woodford patient capital in april twenty fifteen, raising eight hundred million pounds. The next largest uk investment company on launch, biopharma credit raised six hundred six million pounds last year, next to more than half fifty five percent of uk equity. Investment trust the trading it discounts wider than their ten year average, according to winter flood. This partially reflects the disappointing performance records of a number of funds following the referendum, perpetual income and growth sort shares reached a discount of twelve point two percent it's, not asset value in october, nearing its ten year high of thirteen point. Eight percent on mary income nine point five percent versus twelve point three percent. In other news, sustainable development capital l l p is looking to launch an investment company focused on energy efficiency projects. Yes, tcl energy efficient city income trust is aiming for an ipo in november. Finally to specialise, treats, impact healthcare and targets healthcare that both specialize in uk care homes have approached the market to raise money for acquisitions. Impacts. Health care is proposing a one hundred fifty million pound fundraising whilst target healthcare aim straight forty million pounds through a thirty six, point six million shares, placing that's one hundred nine pence a share. Well, that's it for this update. For more videos, please visit our website. Dot tv follows on twitter. Thanks for watching