Investment Trust Update | 5th October 2018

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In this Investment Trust Update: a big-name investor for Mark Mobius’s newly floated trust and good news for Jupiter European Opportunities run by Alex Darwall.


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Hello and welcome to investment trust update to meet jenny alice in this bulletin a big name investor for mark mobius is newly floated trust and good news for jupiter. European opportunities run by alex star wall but first drama a thoroughly trust as long serving manager robin boyle has quit after a disagreement with the investment company's board. Boyle founded a founding in nineteen ninety four and finished his tenure at the company with a tweet reading, this is my seven hundred forty first tweet on my last since i've resigned as managing director of a felony trust after twenty four years in charge, my plans for the smooth running off eighty why were overturned by two non executive directors ? Not right, goodbye there's been no statement yet from a thrill me, which has assets of just five million pounds, or it's. Independent nonexecutive directors chairman dr emanuel pole and simon mohr. Pole is founder of hyperion asset management and more it's, a senior investment manager at seven investment management. Well, next on the annual results for the jupiter european opportunities trust managed by alexander door well are out and show period of strong performance for the investment company. With a net asset value total return up ten point two percent over the year, versus an increase of zero point nine percent in the foot seaworld's europe acts uk benchmark usually securities pointed out that after difficult period for relative performance during two thousand sixteen, said to be due to a lack of exposure to the strongly rebounding oil and gas sector on nova wait position in pharmaceuticals performance rebounded strongly since early two thousand seventeen. I'm finally peter here it the veteran investment trust picker, a manager of the fnc portfolio growth and port follow income trust has been revealed as one of the big backers and mark mobius is new emerging markets fund's that floated late last month. Here it subscribed for five million pounds of shares to give him a five percent stake. However, mobius fell short of his two hundred million pound target, raising only half the amount well, that's it for this update from all videos. Please visit our website, asset dot tv or followers on twitter. Asset tv. Thanks for watching