Thematic Investing Masterclass | July 2019

43 mins 52 secs

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Thematic investment has evolved over the past few decades, but what is next for this area of asset management? How are major world issues like Trump's withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, Brexit & US/China trade wars affecting investment strategy? Discussing this, we are joined by:

  • Amanda O’Toole, Portfolio Manager, AXA Framlington Global Thematics Fund, AXA Investment Managers
  • William Argent, Adviser to the VT Gravis Clean Energy Income Fund, Gravis Capital
  • Simon Gottelier, Senior Portfolio Manager, Thematics Asset Management, Natixis Investment Managers

Learning outcomes:

  1. The key differences between thematic funds and sector funds
  2. How Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement affected ‘green’ investment opportunities
  3. The investment risks and rewards associated with changing environmental regulations
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      AXA Investment Managers

      Gravis Capital



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