What to expect from the Autumn Budget

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Monday 29th will be the day of Chancellor Phillip Hammond's Autumn Budget. In his speech, he will announce the government's plans for tax and spending for the financial year which starts in April 2019. Asset TV Investor asked a group of experts what we can expect from this year’s budget.


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Monday will be the day that chancellor philip hammond releases his autumn budget, which will be when helen i don't have the government plans to spend in terms of attacks and savings new financial year, which starts april two thousand nineteen so we got a group of experts together to explain what we can really expect from the budget this year. Well, given the very slimming parliament's majority conservatives have, i think, anticipates budget with some changes on i r five the legislation around self employed workers and their tax treatment expects a changed person allowance of annual allowance for pension savings. I think the review of help to buy but on the fiscal stands over fiscal envelope don't government has the political capital to make some changes with the bounce the property for this budget, i think chances going be pushing more towards social housing on increasing the funding levels councils we've already seen the cap taken off for borrowing from councils to produce more social accommodation on affordable rent and i think he's gonna take it one step further this time than actually encouraged more housing growth along the lines of cons. Further investment for another eleven thousand units in london alone for the next four years. Class. This is more likely to be a budget for the government to save money. Rather give money away, unfortunately, savers anything to expect. I think the most likely outcome is cut in the annual allowance. Obviously, the government doesn't need to find some additional funding. Three n hs. Anything more radical would seem to be a little risky in terms of alien, eighteen key parts of the electorate s so that's about, i think, is exciting. It's going to get this time round, although i think for me, the more interesting news pensions will come in summer with the parliamentary bills on, which could be a little more exciting.